Track Time Worked, Track Time to Projects, Activity/Task Breakdown, Interface with Payroll, Calculate Overtime, Email Notifications, more!

Tracking time helps you understand how your business or group is performing. TrackStar helps you by providing time information at various levels of granularity. You can simply track attendance, you can track time to projects, and/or you can track time to specific activities or tasks. You are free to choose the level of capture that is appropriate for each of your workers. TrackStar supports multiple data capture formats (Timesheets, Punch Clock, etc.), and provides a wealth of reports to help you understand who is doing what, when.

Tracking Time for Attendance and Payroll

If you have hourly workers, it may be desirable to track time worked and to feed that information to your payroll system for processing. TrackStar does an excellent job of tracking time for this purpose, and provides export tools for feeding payroll. Several forms are provided to capture time worked in an efficient manner.

Tracking Time for Professional/Salaried Workers

It is often useful to track time worked for salaried workers to better understand how your human resources are being deployed. TrackStar allows you to track time to projects, and to track by either an activity or a task. This very detailed reporting helps you answer the tough questions…”What are all those people doing?”, or “Why does it take so long?”.

TrackStar implements an entry/approval model, whereby employees enter their time information, and managers approve it. Managers can be notified of pending approvals via email. Employees can be notified when they forget to enter time through system generated reminders. These tools are provided to help ensure that data is entered in a timely way, and that nothing “slips through the cracks”.

The Time Tracking Software is a comprehensive and affordable system for managing and tracking employee time sheets. TrackStar is 100% web based, and can be deployed as an in-house solution, or hosted by Internal Systems (SaaS). Either way, all you need is a browser to run the software!

TrackStar Time Tracker can be used as a stand-alone solution, or can be integrated into a more robust Project, Expense, Item and Skills Tracking system. ISC makes it easy to add additional modules or users later. A link at the bottom of this page will take you to other product description pages.

The sections that follow describe features of the Time Tracking Software module and show sample screens to help you understand its’ capabilities.

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Time Track Software Form

Daily Timesheet – The daily timesheet allows employees to enter start and stop time. Using this form you can track time worked, but actually make the data entries after the fact. This form also provides for comments, so that employees can document their activities.

Weekly Timesheet – The weekly timesheet is a simple form that employees use to enter elapsed time worked on various projects. It is fast and easy to use, and provides excellent project level reporting.

Bi-Weekly Timesheet – The bi-weekly timesheet is like the weekly timesheet, only it is organized into two week periods that float on your payday. If you pay your employees every other week, this is the form you will likely use.

Semi-Monthly Timesheet – The semi-monthly timesheet is like the weekly timesheet, only it is organized into half-month periods. If you pay employees twice per month, this is the one you will likely use.

Punch Clock – The punch clock is used to clock in and out. Much like a physical punch clock, it tracks the start and stop time very precisely. The form can also be configured as a kiosk, so that it can be shared by multiple people. There are manager controls to make adjustments when employees forget. There are also rounding options to facilitate whole-day reporting.

Getting Started

You access TrackStar by clicking on a browser link. The system provides multiple levels of security and encryption, so your data is safe and secure.

Each employee logs on to TrackStar using their unique ID and password. Once signed on, a menu system is presented that reflects the capabilities that have been granted each user. Though simple to use, multiple levels of help are provided to assist users if needed.

Weekly Time Sheet

Employees use the weekly time sheet to enter their time for a given week. A week is selected by using the calendar icons. Each employee has a timesheet template that holds their specific project information. These are added by selecting a project/activity/task and clicking Add.

Each time the form is opened, the pre-built form is displayed. You only need to fill-in the blanks in most cases, making entry fast and easy.

Once time is entered, clicking Submit sends the timesheet to a manager for approval. Automatic approvals are also supported.

Bi-Weekly/Semi-Monthly Time Sheet

Administrators can configure TrackStar to show time sheets in a Bi-Weekly or Semi-Monthly (shown) orientation. Entering and approving time is done on the desired frequency, which usually corresponds to your payroll cycle.

Daily Time Sheet

Employees use this form to enter their time for a selected day. Time is entered using the start and end times. Elapsed time is calculated automatically, as are totals. Daily time is used for precise tracking of time. It shows the hours worked, not just how many.

Daily time is often useful for hourly employees or consultants who need precise tracking. You can use both weekly and daily sheets together.

Punch Clock

Employees use this form to enter time in/out as you would with a time card machine. The interface is simple and fast, and is excellent for hourly workers who simply need to log hours worked.

Clicking the Clock In/Out buttons causes the system to make time entries for the employee. When the day’s work is completed, punch clock entries are transferred to the employee’s weekly timesheet for review and submission. A management version of this form is provided to allow for updates, edits, or completion of incomplete entries.

Timesheet Approvals

When employees submit timesheets for approval, they are routed to their manager (or optionally others) for approval. Managers can be informed of submitted time sheets via email. They then review time sheets online and make approval decisions.

When problems are found, managers can quickly send an email back to the originator detailing the issue.

Approving multiple time sheets is fast and easy, through use of the scroll arrows provided. A manager can accomplish all approvals in one session, with a minimum of effort!

Defining Projects

A basic ability to create projects is included with the Time Tracker Module. You can also get enhanced project tracking by licensing one or more Project Tracking licenses. TrackStar is optimized to handle many projects if necessary, and provides search tools to locate them quickly.

The selection form is customizable, providing a convenient view to manage and maintain projects.

Editing Project Information

The Project Summary form is used to define the name and description of a project, as well as many other “grouping” fields that are used for reporting.
The Project Folder contains information about your projects.

If you license the Project Tracking module, your projects can include information on assignments, work breakdown, costs, schedules, etc.

Defining Activities

The Time Tracker uses Activities to further categorize time spent. You are free to define as few or as many activities as you need to facilitate reporting. These activities are used to specify what the employee is doing on a project. You not only know how many hours were spent on projects, but what they were doing as well. This is a very valuable management tool!

Skill Sheet Changes

Time Analysis by Department

This report shows how many hours each employee spent on each project for a selected department. This makes it easy for managers to understand project costs, and to drill-down to find the detail behind them.

This report, as well as most others, can be filtered by date range, by project, by employee, and other keys. You can obtain the view you need in seconds!

Time Analysis by Activity

This report shows time across all projects, but analyzes it by activity. With this report you can see the “big picture”, comparing time spent on one activity versus another. Management can gain a lot of valuable information from this type of statistical data.

TrackStar includes a report writer that allows you to create your own custom views of the data as well.

Missing Timesheet Report

This report shows who has submitted timesheets for a given period. It is selectable by department, to show managers which employees have not completed their weekly sheet. This report can be scheduled to be emailed to managers weekly. Also, TrackStar can be configured to automatically send emails to employees who haven’t completed their time sheet in a timely manner.

Email Notifications

TrackStar integrates with your existing email system to keep managers informed. Whenever approvals are pending, managers can receive email messages indicating there are timesheets for them to review. This feature keeps managers aware of timesheets needing their attention, and helps keep data up to date and accurate. Flooded with emails? Don’t worry. This is a configurable feature.

Administration Tools

TrackStar includes a robust set of administration tools to help you configure and tailor the system. You use the admin tools to load and maintain employee, department, and various other data tables. It also includes a scheduling tool that can be used to generate background jobs or tasks, such as data extracts and reports. For example, you can setup a job so that balance information is automatically sent to your payroll vendor monthly.

ToolUse To
Activity MaintenanceSetup standard activities used in reporting.
Calendar MaintenanceSetup project management calendars.
Customer MaintenanceSetup customers whom projects belong to.
Department MaintenanceDefine your company’s organizational structure.
Employee MaintenanceEnter and maintain the employees who use the software.
Holiday MaintenanceDefine your company holidays.
Event MaintenanceDefine Time Off events.
Rate MaintenanceBuild standard rates for costing and billing.
Report MaintenanceCreate custom reports.
Schedule MaintenanceSetup jobs to run at preset intervals.
Security MaintenanceDefine employee access to system functions.
System Preferences MaintenanceSetup operational preferences.
User Field MaintenanceDefine custom fields to extend TrackStar.
User Code MaintenanceEnter coded fields for choice lists.

Outstanding Support

ISC provides world-class support for its software. When you have a question or problem, our staff provides the answers you need, when you need them.

For ASP customers, the support fees are built-in to the monthly fee. This includes updates, phone support, and periodic enhancements. For in-house customers, our support plan is required in the first year and optional thereafter.

Support/Service Offerings
ASP Support– Included with ASP plan.
Annual Support – Offered to in-house customers.
Per-Incident Support – Provides support on a per-call basis.
Training Services – Administrative training for TrackStar.

Time Tracker Software Attributes

  • 100% web based software.
  • Available as an in-house solution or as an ASP service.
  • Scalable from a few users to hundreds (or thousands) of users.
  • Highly customizable through preference settings.
  • Point-and-click interface makes learning easy.
  • Comprehensive, affordable solution.
  • Simple implementation, virtually maintenance free.

Time Tracker Software Features

  • Weekly timesheets provided for professional workers.
  • Punch clock provided for hourly workers.
  • Punch Clock Kiosk provided for shared terminal applications.
  • By-manager functions supported for when employee is absent.
  • Supports employee templates for quick time entry.
  • Allows tracking time to projects, activities, and/or tasks.
  • Supports time entered in elapsed, or start/stop time.
  • Supports management approval or automatic approval (by employee).
  • Includes numerous time oriented reports.
  • Provides a full suite of administration tools for system setup and ongoing maintenance.
  • Supports data extract in popular formats for interfacing with other systems.
  • Interfaces with your email system to notify managers and employees of Timesheet action needed.


TrackStar is built using the latest Microsoft .Net technology. For in-house installs, it requires a Windows based server, with IIS and SQL Server. For ASP installs, the only thing required is a browser!

Features Common to all TrackStar Modules

  • Ability to automatically synchronize employee information with external systems.
  • Ability to link to Active Directory for single log on (ASP & In-house).
  • Supports multiple cultures.
  • Supports multiple web browsers.


  • Automates and simplifies the entry and approval of time information.
  • Accurately tracks time to projects.
  • Facilitates costing and billing of projects.
  • 100% web based. Nothing to install or purchase. Just load and go!

Licensing Options

  • Time Tracker ASP is installed in ISC’s datacenter. You simply access is from your browser, using a URL that has been registered for you. You pay a monthly ASP fee that includes support.
  • Time Tracker In-House is installed in your offices. You pay a one-time license fee, plus an annual maintenance fee (required in the first year, optional thereafter).
    Various support and service options available to ensure your ongoing success.

Time Tracking Pricing

TrackStar Time Tracker is priced on a per Active user basis. An active user is one who has been entered in to TrackStar and has the ability to log on. Employees who terminate can be marked inactive, and no longer consume one of your licenses.

A small number of administrative licenses are needed to perform setup and maintenance. Admin licenses are priced separately from Time licenses. Also, for enhanced Project Tracking and reporting, you might want to purchase one or more Project Tracking licenses.

Sample Pricing

Time UsersAdmin UsersMonthly ASP PriceOROne Time In-house Price

Prices based on 12 month committment term.Setup fees start at $250.  Multiple training options are also provided. 

All prices are subject to change without notice.  Please ask for a quote on your specific configuration.  In-house price includes first year annual support.

Next Steps

  • Fill out an information request form by following the Request Information link. A sales representative will contact you and can provide additional information, and pricing specific to your configuration.
  • Request a demonstration so you can experience TrackStar first hand. ISC will guide you through the system, and point out its features and capabilities.
  • Confirm configuration, pricing and obtain approvals.
  • Review and execute our standard ASP or License agreement.
  • Begin using TrackStar!

ISC makes getting started fast and easy. A complete planning guide is provided to assist you with your data collection and policy definition tasks. Once information has been gathered, you use the administration functions of TrackStar to enter/import data. Excel templates are provided to help you organize your data and to simplify import. You can be up-and-running in a few days!Request InformationLearn about ISCLearn about other ISC ProductsVisit ISC’s home page